Whoooo Are You

Amy Kosh, Resilience Coach

7 April 2017

“Whoooo are you, who-who, who-who”?

I love that quote from The Who- it gets at one of the questions we’ve all ended up asking ourselves from time to time and it has an interesting answer every time because we change daily. Our needs and wants shift in response to events and in reaction to those events. We become different people in response to our environment. We can easily fall into a habit of thinking we know who we are, who others around us are, because we may see them everyday.

The task is to become aware of the person in front of us today. Who is that lover or friend, who are we ourselves in this moment and what are we all dealing with today? Whatever place we are in today it’s likely that it will be different from what we imagined or assumed.

Meet yourself and your friends anew, each and every day

“The beauty in waking up to ourselves anew each day, to meeting everyone as though they were new to us, allows us to see new opportunities and choices.”

I think it can be hard at times to catch ourselves as we fail to see the other person in a relationship, be that a friend, colleague, acquaintance or lover. We rely upon the past, either distant, like last week, or recent, like this morning. We act upon our memories of that person instead of allowing ourselves to really look and become aware of the other person in the moment before we speak or act.

I see that it is possible and not simple, to awaken everyday with at least the intention to really see the person across from us, (and this includes the person in the mirror every morning). We can start by asking, as though we are meeting this person for the first time, “who is this person in front of me”? It requires a little effort. We need to be willing to toss out old ideas and allow people to be themselves in each moment. It also demands that we be authentic. We must allow ourselves to be open, vulnerable and to “Be” whomever and whatever we are today, and today, and today; each day working to “know and to be known”.

The beauty is that in waking up to ourselves and to others each day, to meeting everyone as though they were new to us, we open up possibilities and choices that weren’t available to us otherwise.

I don’t know about you but I love having choices!





“What worked really well for me in Amy’s coaching was helping me to verbalize my problem. Doing so encouraged me to actually hear what I was saying. Amy also helped me break down the issue into smaller chunks so that they could be analyzed and a solution could be created.”

-Jared, Registered Nurse

Amy has given me a lifetime of  simple tools that I can use to identify and replace those thoughts and behaviors that come up that do not serve me with thoughts and behaviors that help me put myself and my happiness first which in turn help me to be more productive and focused in my work.

– Priscilla, Forensic Bookkeeper