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Finding a Great Life Coach

Amy Kosh, Resilience Coach

13 December 2016

Thanks for dropping in here to grab some information about finding a great life coach.

I was recently tapped by the editor of Tidewater Women for some tips about how to find a life coach when there are so many of us out here.  She wanted to know how people can sort through all the titles and names and find just the perfect coach for each individual.

I set out the 5 top things to pay attention to when choosing the perfect coach for you.

A good life coach is all about your growth.

“If your coach isn’t helping you to reach the goals you set or seems to be more interested in being “right” in your coaching sessions, then get a new coach.”

Hey! I want to read the whole thing right now…

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The Top Five Ways to Choose a Life Coach

Remember- once you find a coach to work with- you need to commit. Coaching is the start of your new life. Keep doing the work as you build and grow and change. Keep exploring what helps you create the life you want, what helps you live into being totally unstoppable. While you’re looking… poke around the rest of my blog for some more helpful tips on life, coaching and just being human!



“We invited Amy to coach for our men’s fitness and health program and were consistently impressed with the way in which Amy so adeptly helped men on their individual journeys. Many of our clients have gotten back to us to thank us for the experience of working with her and have emanated gratitude for the the experience”. -Sean, Man-Up Health program Director

“The way in which Amy spoke with me during our initial Session instilled within me a real sense of urgency to love and care for myself out of a sense of pride. Her coaching has helped me to live it; not just speak it”.  -Robert, Orthopedic Surgeon