Growth is the ability to look backwards into the past and forwards into the future and make conscious choices about which actions will best suit your highest self. Growth allows you to create your future in ways that are sustainable, joyful and strong. Growth is all about integrating mind/body/spirit through actions which increase happiness, build strength and develop strong connections to your best self. Growth means stretching, moving out of your comfort zone in ways that build strength and honour who you are and who you are becoming. Growth can be painful at times and it’s a necessary part of the process. This is one case where “no pain = no gain” really is true. Growth is step three.

Curiosity Is Key

Growth Amy Kosh, Resilience Coach 9 October, 2017 The more curious you can be, inquisitive is also a great word, the more you will begin to notice things showing up throughout your day. As you notice it more and more you’ll be shedding light on it, and once a profound...

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Whoooo Are You

“Whoooo are you, who-who, who-who”? I love that quote from The Who- it gets at one of the questions we’ve all ended up asking ourselves from time to time and it has an interesting answer every time because…

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Hey! There’s A Squid on Your Face

A number of years ago I had a teacher who started out a seminar by greeting each of us with this statement, “Hey! there’s a squid on your face”! It caused a bunch of laughter and some puzzled looks as we all stared first at him, then at each other, each of us trying to see this “squid” he was talking about.

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A Coach on Every Corner

What the hell was going on here? Had I somehow unknowingly landed in the land where coaches go to die? Or was there some wealth of population so in need of help that all the coaches on the planet somehow magically were drawn to live in this city? And what kinds of coaches were these?

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Spring-Cleaning For Your Body

The simplest changes to make will also help improve your mood, help rev up your metabolism and help you stay healthier- fewer colds/flu,etc…They also will help even out moods and keep you feeling happier and more positive. with lots more energy for all sorts of things. read more to get help with the life-habit changes that will help your effort stay sustainable and enduring.

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How to Boost Your Confidence

Feeling confident is about really knowing your own strengths and abilities and knowing how to bring those into play no matter what happens. It’s about feeling deeply connected to our own core values and our capacities to be creative in the face of major and minor adversities. In many ways it can allow us to feel totally unstoppable in our lives. Keep reading for ways that you can start to boost your confidence today…

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What Do You Mean I’m Wearing Plaid?

I have a friend who recently lamented to me that women keep leaving him. He was truly puzzled by this behaviour, and to anyone just meeting him, I could see why they’d also be surprised. He’s a smart, sexy, outdoorsy guy who is sweet and kind and thoughtful. He went on to say that he’d had a few longer-term relationships but each and every one of these women had either walked away or departed with harsh words that left him reeling and bewildered.

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What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting…

Let’s get this clear at the outset- I’m not talking about having a baby.
I’m talking about what happens when we give up our expectations.
It happened to me this past weekend, and caught me completely off guard!
My expectations deserted me completely, without a word, without a wave goodbye, without so much as a, “thanks it’s been great and you’re a terrific person”!

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When Doubt Crashes Life’s Party

I was having one of those days where the sinking feeling rolled over my head just about the time my coffee was ready in the morning and I was glad of having a machine that made 3 cups at a time.
You know the feeling right?

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How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions… For Good!

We’ve all tried to make resolutions and as humans, we’ve all failed at them, yet every year New Year’s rolls around and we trot out the hats and horns and some new resolutions we are determined to stick to. The problem with making resolutions is that they don’t work and by setting them we often set ourselves up for failure and the accompanying feelings of guilt and shame and disappointment.

I’m here to let you off the hook and give you some hard science to toss at those people who tell you that you just need more resolve or better will-power.


All that stuff is useless… Read on for the real data!

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Awareness is waking up to your story. Waking up to what is really driving you to do/say/act in certain ways. Waking up to what the situation is and to how you feel about it. Does it fit you? Do you feel powerful? Happy? Unstoppable?


Action is movement. It’s forward progress and creation of new goals. Actions are the steps you take each day to live into your best life. What single step could you take today to start the ball rolling and begin living fully?


Grounding is planting your feet firmly before lift-off . Tap into deep strengths, courage, & true spirit. Grounding is homebase, It’s what keeps us in the game & makes us want to play again. When’s the last time you played?

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