Grounding is planting your feet more firmly before lifting off into action. Grounding reconnects us to our deepest strengths, to courage, desire, and true spirit. Grounding is home-base. It’s the pause before the starting gun fires, and we are off and running. Grounding is sinking your feet deep in the sand and feeling the earth fully support you at the edge of the ocean.
We need grounding in order to take thoughtful action, and we need time to re-ground/re-group after a big push. Grounding can look like a cold beer at the end of a difficult hike or like collapsing into a hammock at the end of a hard week. Grounding can be dancing around the yard or sharing a meal with family and friends. Grounding is what connects us to our bigger community, to the bigger picture. And grounding ultimately helps us feel confident in living into our highest and best self. Grounding is step four.

The Happiness Habit

Yah just never know…….
Cold morning
Lower back spasming ‘cause I pulled it yesterday.
Power outage this morning in the midst of writing a huge presentation for a bunch of stressed-out lawyers who hired me to teach them how to de-stress and here I am…

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True Generosity Includes Connexion

At a recent week-long group retreat I learnt something interesting about generosity. It was suggested that we all meet for a group dinner at a local restaurant on the last day. People…

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Awareness is waking up to your story. Waking up to what is really driving you to do/say/act in certain ways. Waking up to what the situation is and to how you feel about it. Does it fit you? Do you feel powerful? Happy? Unstoppable?


Action is movement. It’s forward progress and creation of new goals. Actions are the steps you take each day to live into your best life. What single step could you take today to start the ball rolling and begin living fully?


Growth is the ability to look backwards into the past & forwards into the future. To make conscious choices about actions will best suit your highest self. It allows you to create your future in ways that are sustainable, joyful and strong.

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