Amy Kosh, Resilience Coach

9 October, 2017

The more curious you can be, inquisitive is also a great word, the more you will begin to notice things showing up throughout your day. As you notice it more and more you’ll be shedding light on it, and once a profound truth has been seen, it cannot be ‘unseen. There is power in the seeing. Once you start to be more aware of when that message is showing up, you have the opportunity to examine and discard or accept it. Eventually you’ll decide for yourself whether a message is helping you or hindering you and will see how to take action rather than be prompted into reaction in a situation.

Curiosity makes life more enjoyable.

“Have curiosity about the pattern itself and what external events might be influencing it. Begin being truly curious (instead of “battling”), the pattern”.

– Amy Kosh

In many ways I see that as one area of life gets sorted out in a way that is in alignment, other areas are starting to un-bundling from old habits and patterns and we are able to create change in them more and more easily.  Creating change in life is not necessarily a linear plan, as you will see for yourself the more curious you become about your life each day.

Stay tuned.




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