Awareness is waking up to your story. Waking up to what is really driving you to do/say/act in certain ways. Waking up to what the situation is and to how you feel about it. Does it fit you? Do you feel powerful? Happy? Unstoppable? If not you are waking up to whatever it is you are feeling and recognising that now it isn’t working for you. You have begun to seek a change for yourself. You know that something more powerful is out there and you want more of whatever it is. Maybe you can already name it, maybe it’s just on the tip of your tongue, maybe you just know that what’s happening right this minute simply isn’t the best long term thing for you and you aren’t yet sure what direction to head in. All of these mean you have already taken the first step to create change for yourself. Awareness is step one.

Being Gentle Is A Strength

Gentleness is not a word you hear oft used these days. It’s easy to assume that being gentle also means being weak or wish-washy or easily swayed.
Don’t believe it for a moment!

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Hey! There’s A Squid on Your Face

A number of years ago I had a teacher who started out a seminar by greeting each of us with this statement, “Hey! there’s a squid on your face”! It caused a bunch of laughter and some puzzled looks as we all stared first at him, then at each other, each of us trying to see this “squid” he was talking about.

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The Gift of Perspective

Sometimes it is easy for us to see where we are getting stuck in our own perspectives, our “stories ” and patterns of habit. At other times it is much, much harder. We often don’t understand that we aren’t actually seeing “the truth and nuthin’ but the truth”, until someone else points it out to us.

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The Butterfly Effect

Every morning, every minute, every time we step out of our houses to go do anything, and actually every minute we stay in our houses we also have choices that we make that shape the rest of our day. The key is to see that we have a choice each moment we are alive. The power is in knowing that while we may not always like the choices we have, we do have choices.

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The Blame Game

“It’s all your fault”!
“But you….”
“Well, you told me to”!
Blame sucks. Big-time.
And not for the reason you think.

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Getting From A to B

We often move through our lives from point A to point B, without considering the journey in between. We move from bed to coffeepot, from house to office to store, from start of work to end of task often without considering or paying attention to the travel itself.

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Lost on The Memory Trail

We splashed our way through the prior night’s rain puddles. My dog Velo dove headlong into the shrubbery following the scent of rabbits all along the ridge. About a half mile in we met a true NC local man in coveralls and really tall rubber boots. He was carrying some huckleberry buckets and stopped to chat with me…

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How to Boost Your Confidence

Feeling confident is about really knowing your own strengths and abilities and knowing how to bring those into play no matter what happens. It’s about feeling deeply connected to our own core values and our capacities to be creative in the face of major and minor adversities. In many ways it can allow us to feel totally unstoppable in our lives. Keep reading for ways that you can start to boost your confidence today…

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Action is movement. It’s forward progress and creation of new goals. Actions are the steps you take each day to live into your best life. What single step could you take today to start the ball rolling and begin living fully?


Growth is the ability to look backwards into the past & forwards into the future. To make conscious choices about actions will best suit your highest self. It allows you to create your future in ways that are sustainable, joyful and strong.


Grounding is planting your feet firmly before lift-off . Tap into deep strengths, courage, & true spirit. Grounding is homebase, It’s what keeps us in the game & makes us want to play again. When’s the last time you played?

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