Action is movement. It’s forward progress and creation of new goals. Actions are the steps you take each day to live into your best life. Sometimes those are huge steps that leave you panting and grinning out of breath with effort- like getting to the top of the mountain after a long day hiking. Other times they may feel like small movements that feel incremental until you realise you’ve dismantled an entire wall. Suddenly you see that you are looking at a totally clear road ahead. Action is step two.

Coaching Vs. Therapy… Which Do I Choose?

“ Tell me about your childhood”.

That’s a question frequently heard in therapists’ offices the world over. Whether we are there to deal with a career that has us in a tizzy, or to handle the fallout from a death, divorce or some other life challenge, the questions digging into stories of “how I got here” are a commonplace when we engage therapists.

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Give Yourself a Quick Yoga Break

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to do a full practice. Or you have done your daily practice and want to add a few specifics in to work on balance or flexibility.
Here I offer a few very simple 5-10 minute practice specifics for you to try.
You can download the PDF as well. Look for the link at the end. ?

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Spring-Cleaning For Your Body

The simplest changes to make will also help improve your mood, help rev up your metabolism and help you stay healthier- fewer colds/flu,etc…They also will help even out moods and keep you feeling happier and more positive. with lots more energy for all sorts of things. read more to get help with the life-habit changes that will help your effort stay sustainable and enduring.

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Why You Can’t Keep a Journal.

If you aren’t a writer, trying to keep a journal can sometimes feel like torture- but it doesn’t have to be!
One of the biggest reasons that people don’t keep up a journal, (even when they are the types of people who absolutely love writing), is because they lose sight of the REAL benefits of journal-writing.
What’s the REAL benefit? Read on………

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Playing the Victim Card… Not

“We have to let you go and today is your last day here”. That was what greeted me when I walked into work one Thursday morning not so long ago. I was working as a web developer…

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How to Boost Your Confidence

Feeling confident is about really knowing your own strengths and abilities and knowing how to bring those into play no matter what happens. It’s about feeling deeply connected to our own core values and our capacities to be creative in the face of major and minor adversities. In many ways it can allow us to feel totally unstoppable in our lives. Keep reading for ways that you can start to boost your confidence today…

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It’s All in The Way You Say It

I don’t know about you, but I love having choices and when I can understand that the thing I am telling myself is only a story I’ve made up, I get the choice to discard part or all of it in an attempt to see the reality in front of me.

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The Art of Apologies

It’s nothing new.
We’ve all done things to apologise for. From the careless comment to the unwelcome advice or thoughtless action, each of us has at one time or another felt a need to apologise to another human being.
This recently happened to me.

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How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions… For Good!

We’ve all tried to make resolutions and as humans, we’ve all failed at them, yet every year New Year’s rolls around and we trot out the hats and horns and some new resolutions we are determined to stick to. The problem with making resolutions is that they don’t work and by setting them we often set ourselves up for failure and the accompanying feelings of guilt and shame and disappointment.

I’m here to let you off the hook and give you some hard science to toss at those people who tell you that you just need more resolve or better will-power.


All that stuff is useless… Read on for the real data!

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Awareness is waking up to your story. Waking up to what is really driving you to do/say/act in certain ways. Waking up to what the situation is and to how you feel about it. Does it fit you? Do you feel powerful? Happy? Unstoppable?


Growth is the ability to look backwards into the past & forwards into the future. To make conscious choices about actions will best suit your highest self. It allows you to create your future in ways that are sustainable, joyful and strong.


Grounding is planting your feet firmly before lift-off . Tap into deep strengths, courage, & true spirit. Grounding is homebase, It’s what keeps us in the game & makes us want to play again. When’s the last time you played?

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