Ready to dust yourself off and get back to life?

It’s time to start living again

I want people to live happier. To feel that there is a way of being in the world that is really powerful. I’ve been there, I know what it feels like to be on your knees, knocked down by life’s unexpected shifts, and I know what it takes to stand strong again, to live the life you want. I can help you reawaken your own resilience and strength. – Amy Kosh


Dating, work, social and personal situations are all impacted by confidence. If you lack it you will struggle to get ahead. Confidence is not something people just randomly find, it comes from something real, something they can be proud of. A professional life coach can help you become more confident whether it’s for dating, to improve your situation at work or somewhere else.


A confidence coach isn’t going to sit around and tell you how great you are. They are going to work with you to find the reasons why you are not confident. Is it your weight, is it that you feel socially awkward or maybe you are constantly being put into situations where you are worried you will be embarrassed? There are plenty of reasons why we feel this way and a confidence coach can help you identify those reasons and help you build a strategy that will get you back on track and feeling better.


If you want to be confident and get your life on track a professional life coach is the best way to go. Sometimes we fail to see the root of the problem and we need someone on the outside looking in to show us what we can adjust and tweak to get better and feel more confident.

Discover the Path to An Unstoppable Life


mountainsAwareness is waking up to your story. Waking up to what is really driving you to do/say/act in certain ways. Waking up to what the situation is and to how you feel about it. Does it fit you? Do you feel powerful? Happy? Unstoppable?

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fieldsAction is movement. It’s forward progress and creation of new goals. Actions are the steps you take each day to live into your best life. What single step could you take today to start the ball rolling and begin living fully?

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riverGrowth is the ability to look backwards into the past & forwards into the future. To make conscious choices about actions will best suit your highest self. It allows you to create your future in ways that are sustainable, joyful and strong.

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mountainsGrounding is planting your feet firmly before lift-off . Tap into deep strengths, courage, & true spirit. Grounding is homebase, It’s what keeps us in the game & makes us want to play again. When’s the last time you played?

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Are you feeling Stuck?

Did life just throw you for a loop?

I can help you turn adversity into the best thing that ever happened to you!
Resilience = being knocked down and being able to come back stronger than ever.

More Than Just a Life Coach.
A Resilience Coach Who Makes A Difference…

We invited Amy to coach for our men’s fitness and health program and were consistently impressed with the way in which Amy so adeptly helped men on their individual journeys. Many of our clients have gotten back to us to thank us for the experience of working with her and have emanated gratitude for the the experience.


Program Director, Man-Up Health

The way in which Amy spoke with me during our initial session instilled within me a real sense of urgency to love and care for myself out of a sense of pride. Her coaching has helped me to live it; not just speak it.


Orthopedic Surgeon

Every time I talk with Amy, I come away feeling that she has seen a deeper quality in me, appreciating something that others don’t understand about me. I thank her again for that. Ultimately, Amy got me to a place where I felt like I had action items that made sense for me.


Musician and Yoga Instructor

If you bring forth what is within you, it will save you; if you do not bring forth what is within you, it will destroy you.

~ Gospel of Thomas

I am a Resilience Coach.

I help people to rediscover their strengths and courage when adversity swoops in. I help people pick themselves up and build resilience with practical tools that you can put to use immediately. Working with me deepens your connection to your own courage, strengths, core-values, optimal thinking and builds lifelong resilience and growth mind-set.

Take Action = Create Change

Resilience coaching is a way for you to reconnect with your own courage and strengths. I can help you to uncover the problems, look at where the sticky parts are, and to learn how to move forward with renewed connection to your own abilities. You will gain practical and useful tools that help you create lasting and sustainable positive change in your life.

Maximize Your Happiness

Together, we will craft a personal coaching program that allows you to create and apply practical tools for bringing sustainable positive change and resilience to your life. Employing tools from Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, meditation, yoga and humour, we will create a plan of action and practical steps you can take to move forward, get unstuck, and be happier and more successful each day.

Asheville Life Coach

As an Asheville Life Coach, I serve many of the amazing people in our local community. Asheville, NC is such a great destination town, adorned with natural beauty and mountainscapes, for transformational retreats and workshops that will be coming soon. I also stretch way beyond Asheville, and serve clients globally via phone and skype. 


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Thinking about hiring a life coach?

here are some resources to aid in this important life decision.

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“ Tell me about your childhood”. That’s a question frequently heard in therapists’ offices the world over. Whether we are there to deal with a career that has us in a tizzy, or to handle the fallout from a death, divorce or some other life challenge, the questions digging into stories of “how I got here” are a commonplace when we engage therapists.
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Do I Need a Life Coach?

Will a life coach help? What do we do when we work with a coach? Why would I want to hire a life coach for myself, I mean…. really isn’t that selfish or a little silly? Actually hiring a life coach can be the single most personally and professionally productive thing you will do for your life and for your work.
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The Top Five Ways to Choose a Life Coach

I was recently tapped by the editor of Tidewater Women for some tips about how to find a life coach when there are so many of us out here. She wanted to know how people can sort through all the titles and names and find just the perfect coach for each individual. I set out the 5 top things to pay attention to when choosing the perfect coach for you.
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Why Hire a Life Coach? Pt. 1

“Why would I work with a life coach”? That's a question I get a lot. Almost every day someone hears what I do and asks me, often in a voice tinged with some challenge, why people need life coaches and what I do as a coach. I love being asked the question because my answer usually isn't what they expect. “I'm a systems analyst, I look at where people are now (A), where they want be (B), and what's not working in the process of getting from A to B. And then I help them get there”.
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What Is a Life Coach…. Exactly?

What Is a Life Coach…. Exactly? This is a question that I get asked on a regular basis and I love it because people really want to know what I do for a living, and we often get into a deeper discussion about what is possible to change in our lives and I’m here to tell you… I think the sky’s the limit! Seriously!
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How To Choose A Great Life Coach

I was coaching a client yesterday and he said something that stopped me cold, and then I burst out laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair. There was a pause on his end of the phone and then I heard him laughing along with me. The penny had dropped and he heard exactly what he had said and had connected with how an old habit was sneaking into his new plan of action.
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